In its new location, S.Inox features mechanized storage where the merchandise is organized according to the type of product so that warehousing and moving occurs fast and accurate. These operations are simplified because of our implemented system of related-product stockpiling.

S.Inox Spa

"Velox", a robotized elevator working on two bridges, stores sheet of steel into 750 cells which can house 3200Kg each. Velox uploads and downloads while running on two axes (X= moving, Y= lifting), inside the storage two multifunctional cranes are equipped to stock, store and pick the product as needed.

"Flexo", a second robot that operates over 1600 cells (containing 2300 to 3200 Kg. each), handles longer sheets of steel. It features three axes (moving, lifting, sliding) and may reach and load cells as high as 7 meters. Subsequently, these large boxes (loading units) are shelved in appropriate sites (called cantilever).

The robot moves the loading units to and from the storage depot by means of 5 dynamic platforms that are equipped to handle both planned and impromptu orders.

"Expando", two vertical, robotized, and high-density store units, house pipes. The moving and lifting of the products take place in a fully monitored and mechanized environment, overlooked by the computing system "Supervisione."