S.Inox was founded in the late 80's by ingenious Daniele Santi. Since the 1960s, Daniele Santi had learned how to transform and employ stainless steel, and his personal experience convinced him that the business could be developed into a full-fledged firm to supply the entire Brescia area.

S.Inox Spa

Later on, sons Paolo and Alberto recognized the importance to keep pace with technological development so that S.INOX would continue to expand.

New Headquarter

Since 2009, S.INOX is located in a brand new, technological state-of-the-art plant where steel storage is entirely mechanized. Highly computerized, skilled business and administrative offices work in close contact with the store department in order to provide smooth packing and shipping of our products for our customers.

S. Inox Spa - Reach our goals

Our aim is to satisfy the needs of customers.